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Well-Being & Keeping Safe
Your child’s personal information is kept safely locked away. Fresh drinking water is provided throughout the session, we ensure that the child’s dietary needs are met by practitioners keeping your child’s records up to date. A healthy snack is provided during each session and your child will be encouraged to choose and prepare the food in which he/she would like to eat i.e prepare a banana, spread butter on whole meal bread.

To prevent the spread of illness, if your child has vomited and experienced diarrhoea we ask that your child  does not attend the setting until 48 hours after last vomit or diarrhoea. Also, to adhere to our administering medication policy, essential medication must be onsite at all times during child’s attendance or we may need to refuse entry on that occasion. Children who have experienced a bump to their head – the child’s parents are telephoned straight away to be advised of the accident.

Please note this website and all other internet correspondence with reference to Nassington Preschool  is regularly checked by the Manager and Chairperson. All cameras which are used for children’s learning observations are logged  in at the end of the day. If any cameras go missing, the manager is informed and appropriate procedures will be action immediately .  

The setting Enhanced SENCO/INCO is Lorna Wilson

Preschool staff are not authorised to offer a baby sitting service to our families.

When our setting is in operation, the designated safeguarding officer is always available for staff to discuss any safeguarding concerns.

Below is a list of some of  our policies, please feel free to read through them and contact us for any queries. All hard copy policies are held at preschool.

Child Protection

Suitable People

Equal Opportunities

Information and Records

Promoting Health and Hygiene


Staff Qualifications, training, support and skills

Safety and suitability of premises, environment and equipment

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