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About the Trustee’s

Nassington Pre-School is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and is run by a management Trustees which is made up from volunteer parents.  The Business Manager, Lisa John, is responsible for the day to day running of the setting.

As a Charity the provision is run as a ‘not for profit’ organisation, funds are reinvested into sustaining high level care.  This is achieved by investing in staff, maintaining our purpose built facilities and providing equipment and resources to encourage the children in our care to flourish.

We are committed to seeing the Pre-school running at its full potential and retaining its current Ofsted rating whilst running profitably to enable any funds generated to be reinvested to enhance your child’s time here. We also like to have fun along the way and many great friendships have been established through being involved.

The Trustee’s follows the Model CIO Constitution for Childcare Providers 2013. The maximum number of members we are allowed under the model is 12, including three officers (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer). We currently have 4 Trustees, who are:

Below are the Trustee’s and their roles for 2021 – 2022;

Chairman: Leanne Shaw

Treasurer: Andy Shaw

Secretary : Donna Burrows 

Manager: Lisa John

Preschool accountant: Robbie Hole

Preschool minutes are displayed in main foyer


The Trustee’s hold several fundraising activities throughout the academic year in order to raise funds for the Pre-School.
Currently  due to Covid 19 we are not holding any events