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 Settling In
We give your children as much time as they need to settle into their environment, practitioners work closely with you to support the settling in progress. By doing so the practitioner will spend time with you and your child, we believe that shared knowledge and understanding will support your child’s development. We can then plan together and see how we can encourage your child’s interests. Alongside you we reflect by asking:

  • What does your child like to do?
  • What are their particular interests?

We encourage you to participate in the assessment of your child’s development as we believe it to be more meaningful and useful. As a provision, we realise that you know your child best, you are the child’s first and most enduring educators, with in-depth knowledge of your child’s physical and emotional development.

What are assessments in Early Years?
Assessments play an important part in helping you and practitioners to recognise your child’s progress, by understanding his/her needs and to possibly plan activities and offer our support to increase their knowledge.

The Early Years Foundation Stage requires that you must be supplied with a written summary of your child’s development; however written consent must be given by you before any assessment can be made. One assessment which we complete is called the ‘Two Year Old Progress Check’. This was introduced to enable early identification of development needs so that additional support can be put into place. When a child is aged between two and three we review their progress, then provide you with a short written summary of your child’s development based on the prime areas.

What the Pre-School intends to cover this term – Term 2 October 2018

This term the children will have opportunities to enjoy celebrations together such as Halloween day, and sharing ideas how we can keep safe if we go trick and treating. Also will are offering splattering painting to create our on firework display, this will support their physical development as well as again how to keep safe at firework displays. The children will also be offered to support children in need charity by giving donations and creating their own Pudsey Bear. Final we can not forget all our Christmas activities where we increase children’s knowledge in thinking of others at this special time of year.