Nassington Pre-School

Welcome to Nassington Preschool

Nassington preschool has been running for over 30 years and has an excellent reputation as a provider of good quality childcare. We offer comprehensive care and education to all the children who attend. Our staff are caring, enthusiastic, experienced and well qualified. The setting is a member of the Preschool Learning Alliance – Charity number 1172148




In August 2017 Nassington Pre School changed its charitable status from an unincorporated charity (Committee run organisation) to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) which means it now has its own legal identity, separate from that of its Trustees. Unfortunately at present there isn’t a mechanism within Ofsted to convert from an unincorporated organisation to a CIO without registering again as a new Pre-School. As such after a thorough registration inspection, we were approved by Ofsted and issued with a new Registration Number: EY547792. We will not be given an Ofsted grade under this new number until the first inspection which can take up to a year after registration. Until this time please refer to our last two reports (2011 & 2016) both of which are Outstanding under our old Ofsted Number EY422326.

Our Beliefs
We believe that every child is a unique child and every child matters. As a setting we strive to work very closely with you as parents and value that your child has a voice. We encourage your child’s independence through developing a positive relationship with the family. All children have a right to be listened to and valued. We feel your child is able to think about and assess their own learning and development and we want to tune in to this to increse their learning and development.

What are our aims?
Our aim is to deliver a provision which is welcoming, friendly and provides a homely environment. This will in turn stimulate the interests and experiences and impact the learning of the child, by offering child led activities such as a self-choosing atmosphere within our indoor and outdoor space. Children are encouraged to “have a go” and to “try things out in their own time and space”.